A number of years ago, I found Fushigi Yuugi available for rent at my local anime and comic book store. Attracted to the beautiful art of Tasuki on the cover of volume four (the current volume released at the time), I decided to pick up a copy of volume one when they had it in. I was immediately taken in by the beautiful music and animation of the opening sequence and the plot was very capitvating. I guess you could say I became an instant fan. ^_^

It was after Tasuki made his entrance that I became.. well, obsessed, to put it bluntly. I decided a month or two later to make a shrine, inspired by one that a friend had already made for him, and labled it Shikon! because of Tasuki's fangs (not from Inuyasha, since I didn't know it existed at the time).

Shikon! started off with a simple but pretty layout and with not a lot of content. Of course, my loyalty to Tasuki would only grow. ^_^ The site slowly grew bigger, despite going through periods of time where there'd be no updates and now it's the biggest, most comprehensive Tasuki shrine online to date. Or, at least, I like to think it is and I'll always try my hardest to give a worthy tribute to Tasuki.

Shikon! was originally hosted at AnimeCity! before it shut down and moved to my Tasuki named domain, Genrou.com. It has been here ever since.

For those wondering why I call myself Tasuki, it's a long story. Years and years ago, I used to roleplay at an anime themed MU* where I decided to RP Tasuki. People who I played with then and still talk to now have told me that I played Tasuki perfectly (or at least very well). I think it's because I'm so much like the red-headed bandit that playing him comes naturally to me. In the spirit of things, I had changed my ICQ handle to Tasuki and people (on and off the MU* alike) just started referring to me as Tasuki... and the name stuck. ^^

DISCLAIMER: Shikon!, its layout and content, is copyright 1999 to Present, Tasuki. Tasuki, Fushigi Yuugi and all related materials are copyright 1992 - Present, Yuu Watase. Plagiarising will result in prompt castration.