As Fushigi Yuugi went on, Tasuki gained a number of different outfits. There's the odd occasion where he would wear something completely different but since those occasions are few and far between, I'm just going to concentrate on the outfits that he wore a lot. I might also note here that Tasuki thinks he's a really stylin' guy and I'm going to agree with him. He has some pretty snazzy outfits. Time for Tasuki's fashion lesson!

TV Outfit This is the most common outfit that we see Tasuki wearing. The most noticable feature is the long, black trenchcoat with turquoise trim around the collar and shoulders. Under the trenchcoat, he wears a plain white shirt tucked into khaki coloured pants which in turn are tucked into black boots with grey tops and red ankles. Over the trenchcoat, Tasuki wears a brass sash and a plain leather belt, along with two necklaces and a pair of earings. It's a very simple outfit but very cool and fashionable. Tasuki wears this as a bandit up until the end of the TV series.

First and Second OAV Outfit This outfit appears second-most and is more detailed than Tasuki's previous one. Over a white shirt with pink cuffs, Tasuki wears a dark red vest with dark purple trim around the edges. Over the vest he wears two brown and gold sashes crossing over each other and a third one hangs around his waist. He wears a pair of loose white pants that are tucked into a pair of boots the same colour as his vest with the same purple trim around the top and ankles. Again, he has a brown belt over the vest and wears the same earings as in the previous outfit and one necklace (different from the previous two). Tasuki wears this outfit in the first two OAVs.

Third OAV Outfit The last outfit that we see Tasuki wearing is by far the coolest and most fashionable one. Over a deep blue coloured, long sleeved shirt with grey cream coloured cuffs, Tasuki wears a cream coloured vest/jacket with red trim around the edges. The front of this long vest is tied together with stylised Chinese knots. He again wears a pair of plain white pants that are tucked into a pair of boots that follow the same colour patterns. A thin black, buckled sash is worn across his chest. Tasuki wears this outfit in the third OAV.