While watching other various anime, I've come across other characters who really remind me of Tasuki.. wether it be in personality, appearance, or even both.

Ishida Yamato // Digimon Adventure

The first on the list is Digimon Adventure's very own Ishida Yamato (Matt in the dub). Not only does he sport the same sort of hairstyle as Tasuki does, but the two have a similar sort of personality. They both act cool and tough on the outside, when they're really caring people on the inside. Also, they both seem to be associated with wolves. Tasuki because his nickname is Genrou, and he called forth wolves using his odufa. Matt because his Digimon partner is Gabumon, who transforms into a wolf-like creature.

More Info: Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any decent shrines to Yamato. Sorry!

Lina Inverse // Slayers

Lina's got a 'don't mess with me' sort of attitude, just like Tasuki does. She also uses fire-related spells a lot, and even has some of the same physical features as Tasuki does: reddish/orange hair and fangs. They're so similar that it's scary. O_O; They even have an older sister that picks on them. Both of them are associated with bandits as well.. While Tasuki is a bandit, Lina is known for stealing bandit treasures. (Hence the nickname "Bandit Killer.")

More Info: Inverse is kick ass site by a friend. Even has a Lina/Tasuki entry in her own 'Look-Alikes' and 'Conspiracy' sections. :D

Inuyasha // Inuyasha

While not sharing much in appearance other than fangs and necklaces, both Inuyasha and Tasuki have a very similar personality. They're both very stubborn and neither are the brightest of their respective groups. >_>; They both love fighting and they both act like tough guys, as if they're too cool to care about certain things. However, they're both really caring guys who go to great lengths to hide their sensitivity from others. Lastly, both are associated with canines... Inuyasha because he's a dog demon and Tasuki with his name (Genrou) and ofuda summoned wolves.

More Info: Demi Inuyoukai, without a doubt, is the best Inuyasha shrine around. It's an inspiration to all other shrine makers for sure.

Souma Kyo // Fruits Basket

Tasuki and Kyo could easily be mistaken for brothers because their appearance is so similar. Both have flaming red hair, fangs, reddish eyes, a well built frame and are even the same age. In terms of personality, the two are birds of a feather. They both have horrible tempers, finding it easy to get angry at things and they both have rivals with the main male character of the series. Both Kyo and Tasuki are skilled in martial arts too and they both love to brawl.

More Info: Baroque Orange is my extensive shrine to Souma Kyo, so be sure to check it out. And yes, this is a shamless plug. :P