The Dance: Episode 14 One of the more... strange things in Fushigi Yuugi is the dance that Tasuki and Kouji take part in when they meet up with each other after a period of seperation. The dance itself is rather odd, and earns many a strange look off of people who havn't seen it before and/or aren't used to it. Never-the-less, the "Tasuki-Kouji Dance" is one thing that makes the two bandit friends so lovable, and adds to Tasuki's quirky personality. Let's take a look at this dance, shall we?

The dance usually occurs when Tasuki and Kouji first meet each other when they havn't seen each other for a long period of time. As soon as they meet up with each other, they turn into Super Deformed versions of themselves. (As it happens, Fushigi Yuugi seems to be full of scenes where characters become Super Deformed.) The lock their arms, and begin to twirl around in a circle while laughing heartily. There's also a specific dialogue that goes with the dance...

Tasuki usually starts off by asking Kouji how he is, and stating that he hasn't seen the blue-haired bandit in ages. Kouji retaliates by saying that he was around Tasuki earlier, to which Tasuki asks if it's true. Kouji replies by saying he's hurt that Tasuki didn't see him, and that Tasuki is very cold. Then they just start laughing loudly and continue to march around in a circle while everyone around them gives a sort of blank expression and asks "What the...?"

As you can see, the dance is a really weird routine between the two. I guess it just goes to show that they really are good friends. I honestly couldn't imagine the two doing anything else, either. ^_^