Tasuki has a very unique entrance in Fushigi Yuugi. It's not really like any other Suzaku Shichiseishi's entrance at all, and it really goes to show just what a cool character he is. :D

When Miaka and co. arrive at the Mt. Leikaku bandit's stronghold, we get no view of Tasuki. We do, however, hear about the real leader named Genrou. That's about it until episode 14..

Nuriko and Hotohori break into Eikan's chambers and save Miaka. While Nuriko tortures Eikan, we see a sillouetted foot step closer, outside the room. That's all though.

Miaka finally gets Eikan to tell her that the one who has the symbol on his body is the one called Tasuki. Before anything else can happen though, Miaka suddenly dissapears! After a moment of looking around, everyone finally notices that Miaka has been swept up by a red-haired man! Such speed! It turns out that he's in fact Genrou. He leaves telling Eikan that if he wants her back, he'll have to fight. With that, he leaves behind vicious wolves, and runs off.

We're almost lead to believe that Tasuki is in fact a bad-guy. However, when we see him interact with Miaka, we learn he's not so bad after all. ^_^ His entrance displays a sort of attitude (cool, swift, bad-assed, and powerful!) that's so well known for Tasuki. *_* I couldn't imagine his first appearance to be anythign else. ^_^