This is the not-so-humble image gallery at Shikon!. Over the years, I've managed to collect a large variety of images that include Tasuki. Most of these came from the now defunct gallery at AnimeCity!, and many images were donated to the gallery at a later date by my good friend, Haruko. However, I'm afraid I can't remember where the remainder images came from.

If you see something here that you know for sure is yours and you would like me to credit you, please e-mail me. You can also e-mail me if you'd like to donate any high-quality images that may not be here. Also, if you happen to see something here that you'd like to add to your own gallery online, please do. Even though I've gotten most of these images from other sources, I have editted them to some degree. So if you would like to use them, I'd appriciate it if you'd like to link back to me. ^_^ Thanks, and enjoy!

Current Image Count: 81

Anime: Tasuki, Alone

Tasuki looking miffed. ^_^; Posing while holding the tessen. Crouching with the tessen. Super Deformed and Super Cute. x_x *gets a cavity* Power posing! XD You go, man! A sly grin... Looks like he's being smart. Beautiful image of Tasuki and Chichiri from the OAV. LEKKA... SHINEN! XD Fire is my friend. Ahh.. SD Tasuki. Shirtless, with a bouquet of red flowers. Looking... scary! ;o; SD Tasuki, giving a 'v-is-for-victory' sign! In a nice robe with sakura petals. :D Looking relatively miffed and unhappy. o_O Shouting as fire spews out of his tessen!

Anime: Tasuki, With One Other

Tasuki and Tamahome on a card. Tasuki and Tamahome in the real world, wearing racing jackets. With Kouji after the tessen is taken back from Eikan! XD Having a great old time with Kouji! Being yelled at by Taka. ~_~ Giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation for Miaka. Trying to teach Miaka how to play golf. ^o^ Tasuki and Chichiri.. p.o.'d over Tamahome and Miaka's lovey-dovey schtick. OAV Tasuki and Chichiri on the cover of 'Entertainment Mini Mini Magazine.' Three words: Piss. Ass. Drunk. Tasuki complaining about carrying Chichiri around. With Miaka and Taka, happy to see his friends again. Holding Miaka up with Tamahome. Damn cool picture with Chichiri, surrounded by fire. With Miaka.. both looking SD and kind of insulted. ^^;

Anime: Tasuki, In A Group

In shock after his ofuda produces food. o_O Suzaku no Team in modern dress. SD Suzaku no Team, Yui, Nakago, and the twins. Tasuki, Hotohori, and Tamahome in the real world wearing modern clothes. Suzaku no Team with Nakago and Yui in the background. Suzaku no Team... Miaka's duds don't suit her. o_O; SD Chichiri's everywhere! c_C; It's a conspiracy! Suzaku no Shichiseishi... and a squid. ._.; Same photo taken when Suzaku no Team left for Hokan. A wallscroll-type picture of Suzaku no Team. Suzaku side of the cover of the LD Special. Shichiseishi dressed in iridescent robes and red sashes. Suzaku no Team with Suzaku.. Used for Pioneer's 'Summoning Suzaku' VHS. Shichiseishi heads in bubbles. o_O All of the Seishi in the background, with Taka and Miaka in the foreground.. The Suzaku Shichiseishi in modern dress, sitting on a car. Yet again, Suzaku no Team. o_O Tasuki's hoppin' around.

Manga: Tasuki, Alone & With Others

Tasuki leaning over with the other Suzaku no Shichiseishi Suzaku no Team: Fun at the beach! A yellow-red monochromatic image of the Suzaku no Team. The Suzaku no Team! All of the Suzaku no Team in pink. Suzaku no Team go sailor style...? o_O I can hear Tasuki saying 'Arr!' All in black; Tasuki drinking sake. Miaka and Tamahome with the rest of Suzaku no Team in the background. Big, nekkie, pink-haired Miaka behind the Shichiseishi. Shirtless Bishounen alert! :O A monochromatic, silver/black theme with the Shichiseishi. Chichiri, Tasuki, Miaka & Taka on one side, the rest on the other. Suzaku Shichiseishi looking quite comfortable while laying on grass! :D Suzaku no Team decked out in red and white uniforms. A really nice image with Miaka's profile in the background. All of the Seishi in the background, with Taka and Miaka in the foreground.. SD pouting Tasuki with SD Miaka, Tamahome, Hotohori, and Nuriko. Leaning on Tamahome's shoulder. Surrounded by flames. Sexy! Holding a rainbow... Chichiri ruffling Tasuki's hair. Cute. *_* Tasuki wielding the tessen with Hotohori and Chichiri behind him. Tasuki's eyes and the symbol of 'crater.' Mitsukake, Chichiri, and Tasuki hitting on some girls. o_O Suzaku no Shichiseishi as children, doing what they all do best. Tying his shoe, without a shirt! :O The Shichiseishi.. Aww... don't they all look so happy? Showing his symbol. Kouji and Tasuki, whuppin' some butt. Kind of just posing there. 6_6 No complaints from me though. With Tamahome in trendy looking suits. Wet! '_' A cute little SD Tasuki head.