Tasuki Name: Kou Shun'u
Alias: Tasuki, Genrou
Age: 17
Birthdate: April 18
Birthplace: Kou-Shuu, Taito-Shi, Konan
Height: 5'10"
Bloodtype: B
Symbol: Wings (on forearm)
Seiyuu: Nobutoshi Canna

Tasuki is the fifth member of the Suzaku no Shichiseishi in the popular series Fushigi Yuugi. In general, his firey hair reflects his firey personality; Tasuki is a loud-mouthed, rude individual. He has a short temper and he swears a lot. However, underneath his rough exterior, he's actually a kind and caring individual when it comes to the ones he loves. He'll go at great lengths to make sure that his friends are unharmed, and will even sacrifice his own life in order to protect Yuuki Miaka.

As with all seishi, Tasuki has a mark on his body that appears while he is fighting. It's the Chinese character for wing ("yoku" in Chinese, and "tsubasa" in Japanese), and is located on his right forearm. The name Tasuki comes from the largest constellation in the southern part of the sky; the crater.

Perhaps one of the more light-hearted characters in the series, Tasuki has many personality quirks. He was born into a family consisting of five women and one man, so one can only imagine the torture that he must have endured while growing up. Because of this heritage, Tasuki has grown a dislike for women. Actually, there are a lot of things that Tasuki doesn't like...

Tasuki dislikes milk. He claims that he was smothered by his mother's enormous breasts when he was a baby and has avoided drinking milk at all costs, prefering the sweet taste of sake. Er... Yes, well, Tasuki was never one to avoid being blunt. ._. In any case, Tasuki also fears any large body of water because he can't swim. This often results in Tamahome getting the upper hand whenever the two are near water. We're never told why Tasuki is so afraid of water but perhaps he nearly drowned as a child..? Who knows what he went through, having a sister like Aidou.

Tasuki is quite a talented guy when it comes to fighting. Most of the skills he learned came from his times with the bandits of Mount Leikaku. His martial arts skills can be compared to that of Tamahome before Taiitsukun gave him more power. Not only is Tasuki good at judo, but he is adept at archery and swordsmanship to some extent. Of course, for Tasuki, nothing beats brawling. ^_^;

As mentioned earlier, Tasuki has a habit of not being the brightest of the bunch. He's fairly blunt, and tends not to think before acting or talking. He's also a bit dense in the sense that he doesn't catch onto things quickly, unlike some of the other characters. He's far from being stupid, mind you! It just so happens that he's more of an emotional, instinctual character than an intellegent one, and prefers brawns over brains.