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Fushigi Yuugi doesn't seem to be as popular as it used to be so there aren't too many great sites out there anymore. Check out these awesome links before you leave.

Tasuki Forever is another shrine to our beloved Tasuki.

Bandit is the TAFL approved fanlisting for Tasuki.

Red Warrior is a delightfully in-depth shrine to Tamahome.

Foxy is an awesome, in-depth shrine to Chichiri.

Hands is a shrine to Mitsukake, loaded with in-depth info.

Prince is a shrine that focuses on Uruki of the Genbu seven.

Maiden brings us a shrine to the miko of Genbu, Okuda Takiko.

Foreign Lullaby provides a lot of in-depth info on Genbu Kaiden.

GenbuSeishi.com is another gorgeous, excellent site for Genbu Kaiden.

Destiny Calls is a great source of Fushigi Yuugi info and updates.

Infinity is a Fushigi Yuugi image gallery with plenty of nice, high quality scans.