Years and years ago, I was inspired to write parodies of popular fairy tales using the Fushigi Yuugi characters. To be honest, I think I was on crack when I wrote them. x_x They're really silly but they still make me laugh. I haven't written any more of these in the past years but who knows... there's a possibility that I might get inspired to write another one. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. ^_-

Miakalocks & The 7 Bears : Based on the popular Goldilocks and the Three Bears story! ..Or at least, to a new version. o_O It's the story that started it all! ^_^

Little Red Riding Miaka : The Suzaku no Team comes together once more to bring the story of Little Red Riding Hood to life. Miaka takes the place of the main character, and Tasuki becomes the Big Bad Wolf.