Tasuki has quite a few tricks up his sleeves! Each of his special abilities has a different and special origin, and they all make Tasuki a unique character because he has more then one 'magical' ability than most of the other seishi. Take a look at what he can do!


Tasuki with Miaka, who's looking at the ofuda. According to Tasuki, he met a monk during his travels and received some ofuda as a parting gift. To use the ofuda, Tasuki must write the name of the object he wanted to appear (usually wolves) and he says the incantation ("Genjitsu Shinzarou") to make the object come to life. Ofuda is short for "ujikofuda" which are charms given out to visitors in shrines found in Japan. After his first encounter with Miaka, Tasuki no longer has these special peices of paper because she had written names of food on all of them and they were all wasted.


Tasuki's true power as a seishi is super human speed. He rarely uses this special ability so many fans often mistake his use of fire as his true power. Tasuki can run about three times as fast as any normal human and we're shown this display of speed when Tasuki sweeps Miaka away in episode fourteen. The other seishi were startled because they had not seen Tasuki run by and it was as if Miaka was blown away in a gust of wind. We also see Tasuki using his speed in the novel Genrouden, where he beats the leader of the Mt. Leikaku bandits to his own hideout. The only other seishi that's faster than Tasuki is Tokaki, who uses teleportation.


Tasuki and his flaming tessen! Often mistaken as his true power as a seishi, Tasuki has the ability to manipulate fire. He uses his ability to control fire more than any of his other magical abilities. Of course, Tasuki cannot use fire if he doesn't have his tessen, a relic that was handed down to every leader of the Mt. Leikaku bandits. The tessen is used by shouting out the phrase "Lekka Shinen," but Tasuki is the only one who can use the tessen without knowing this incantation. Tasuki is extremely talented with the tessen, using the fire in a variety of ways. From making a protective shield to lighting a candle, you can bet that Tasuki can do it.