This is my one and only Tasuki winamp skin. A while back I had made version two of it, which included a skin for the playlist but it was unfortunately deleted and I didn't have the heart to make it over again. I would love to make more Tasuki skins but they're very time consuming (it takes at least four hours to make just one) and I'm pretty busy as it is. I may consider adding other winamp skins if I find any that I like. If I have time in the future, I'll make more but it won't be any time soon, unfortunately.

If you're wondering what a winamp skin is... WinAmp is a program that allows you to listen to mp3s on your computer (as well as other music files) and also allows you to decorate the window with something called a skin. A skin replaces all of the images normally used on the program with something else.

To use this skin, simply click the download button and move the file to C:\Program Files\WinAmp\Skins\. Once this is done, you can go into WinAmp's menu and click on "Skins." This skin will show up as "Tasuki." Click on it and the skin will be applied.

Click to Preview Tasuki Amp
Main Window: Yes
Equalizer: Yes
Play List: No
Mini Browser: No
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