Image Gallery - Features a large collection of Tasuki related images from both anime and manga.

Music - Tasuki has a number of image songs. You can download mp3s of these songs here. Lyrics are included for your kareoki pleasure.

Attack of the Clones - Tasuki's the type of character that can be compared to a lot of other characters from other series.

Animated GIFs - A few animated GIFs can be found here... watch Tasuki in action! X3

Fushigi Yuugi Parodies - A few parodies featuring the Fushigi Yuugi cast can be read here. I'm not sure what I was on when I wrote them.

Desktop Wallpaper - What better way to show your appriciation of Tasuki than decorating your desktop with his image?

Winamp Skin - My one little winamp skin. I might consider adding more from other sources but I'm not too thrilled of the idea. We'll see.